Patricia Pascoal

meet the author

About Patricia

Ms Patricia Pascoal is Angolan author based in the London, most known for producing Angolan literature of Angola’s food and culture. The first edition of the book was created in 2011 and now her second edition in 2017, with the main focus in celebrating the Angolan Culture and building a reputation as an advocate of Angolan people through her cook books.

Career and influences

This new career path as an author has enabled her to use some of the influences of design with is delicate and aesthetic approach in this new book. The approach, Ms Pascoal explain this is more closer and personal. which is the very reason she has started producing literatures such as her first book and now her second and who know when will be the end of the literature Journey, only time will tell. The place where she was born and where her treasure is and can never be taken away from her.

Patricia's Philosophy

Ms Pascoal philosophy is to build a reputation as a self advocate of Angolan. Her continuous aim is to put forward Angola in the front line in the World of Cuisine and showing there attribute of the Angolan people and promoting them and influence other to follow their dream. She further expresses her philosophy, if you are the only person with an extravagant vision that sound outrageous, never drop that vision because is that outrageous vision which will make you and even help those that are far off. Never underestimate the power of a vision and never let it die, if you let it die another will take that place and achieve what you deny to take that challenge.

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